6 Reason You Should Be Talking About Gemstones and How To Start Using Them

It seems like the days are going by faster with more chaos than the last. Unfortunately it seems like we’re not concerned with our mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Thankfully we've embarked on a new path of self realization and we’re searching for balance and restoration. Crystals and gemstones have been providing balance and protection for centuries, however with a recent surge in demand it's necessary to understand their common benefits and usage. A long time ago, people began mining rocks from deep within the earth’s crust. Some of the rocks were used to build sacred monuments however others were viewed as more precious. These precious rocks were made into protective artifacts and jewelry that were said to ward off evil spirits, bring luck, strength, prosperity, or wealth and even ensure safe passing over to after life. In the world of crystals, they often remind us of the structures which our universe was built. Every element in the universe that makes up physical matter was formed within the stars and throughout universal space; the same raw materials come together to form crystals. Many people collect crystals and gemstones for their visual appeal, however they offer much more than visible qualities. The benefits of these rocks include crystal and color healing, chakra balancing, space cleansing, Feng Shui, personal decor with altars and shrines. ​

Crystal Healing

Perhaps the first written accounts of crystal healing came from the ancient Egyptians, who gave detailed recipes for using gemstones. Crystals were prescribed as protection from negative environment influences. Sometimes they were even ingested to influence the aura as well as working throughout the nervous and lymphatic system. Modern crystal healers have began working with the placement of crystals on the body. Crystals and gemstones help to realign, rebalance, and energize the chakras into their proper functions.

Color Healing

Color is a universal language and everything under the sun is affected by color. In nature colors are used to attract mates, camouflage with their surroundings, or even intimidate aggressive species. Many cultures utilize colors within their clothing, homes, and their food selections. Using the color red brings focus to life, while orange encourages sensitivity and creativity. Yellow calls for alertness and a state of readiness and tends to encourage clarity. Green is characterized by nature as balance. Blue helps free the mind from normal activity and permeate the qualities of steadiness and reliability. The color violet is seen both as completion and the beginning of another cycle of vibratory energy. Violet encourages the flow of imagination and the integration of ideas. Black and white are typically seen as opposites however white has the ability to clear away clutter and black could represent as a cloak over what lies beneath or within.

Chakra Balancing According to ancient Indian belief, we have a subtle body which flows life-force that runs from the top of the head to the navel. When we are healthy and our mind, body, and spirit are in balance this life force flows freely through the subtle body and the chakras wheels spin brightly at the right frequencies. Crystal healing and the seven main chakras are often the primary areas of stone placement. Natural minerals have been found to have a beneficial affect on balancing the chakras.

Space Clearing The principles of space clearing is based on the belief that all locations have a spirit of place. This spirit can have a positive effect on everything and everyone occupied by it. It is difficult to reach a state of inner peace if our surroundings are filled with clutter and riotous colors. Crystals emit energy waves at natural frequencies in harmony which is why they can help balance and harmonize our inner and outer environments. Crystal clusters are great for keeping common spaces clear

Feng Shui Feng Shui offers the opportunity to achieve health, happiness, and prosperity by living in harmony with our environment by taking control of our own space so it becomes more balanced. Fresh air, natural products, and a healthy environment enhance our mental and physical wellbeing. Vibrations are important and if we can resonate at a level which is in harmony with the natural vibrations of the earth. Incorporating crystals and gemstones in our Feng Shui can help harmonize and declutter our environment. ​

Alters and Shrines A Sacred space bring positive energy into our homes and our lives. Creating a personal alter is a way to invite spirit into your home. An altar can be a physical expression of your deepest attachments and by giving them form in your daily life to achieve your desires. In other words, the things you place on it help you focus your energy to that area. You can collect natural offerings such as herbs, fruits and nuts, stones and sea shells, and feathers. Natural offerings reinforce it connection with earth energies and the commitment to preserving the natural world. Crystals can serve to align and harmonize both the physical and mental worlds because they are storehouses of powerful energies and magical powers of healing and protection have been ascribed to them. Each crystal is believed to have a distinct spiritual nature and to exert a specific influence on human spirit.

When choosing your crystals and gemstones, it's recommended to choose the ones you are most drawn to. Typically that may be a specific color that lights your eye or a particular rock that you can't seem to put down. Pay attention to those stones that are very attractive to you because they will probably be the ones that are in harmony with your current state of subtle energy balance. However notice the ones you dislike because those are ones in which you cannot cope with at the moment. Sometimes when selecting crystals, you may feel a sensation of resonance because this crystal gives you feelings of wholeness and completion. Lastly, there's no set rules to follow when choosing your rocks, just allow your intuition to guide you. Thanks for reading! xoxox Shana

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