Why People Think Waistbeads Are A Good Idea...

Waistbeads aren't as bad as you think...

Why? Because waistbeads, also known as belly beads, can date back to ancient Egypt and have traditionally they have been worn by African women since the 15th century to serve many celebratory purposes. Throughout several counties in Africa, belly beads have been used to adorn girls and women and indicate how they have matured and grown. Mothers adorned their daughters with them during their first menstruation as a rise of passage into womanhood. They also symbolize the special things about a woman that set her apart from a man.

Can waistbeads make you a better lover?

They can be worn for intimate appeal of seduction to her husband or lover. Not only as a woman's progress in life, but they honor sexuality as well. Waistbeads are simply enhancing the natural femininity of a woman and increasing self confidence within herself. Wives are said to lure their husbands with the rattle of beads or use them to communicate their fertility at certain times of the month.

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Letting go of that harmful scale

Waistbeads are also used for body shaping by alerting women of their weight gain or if they become pregnant. For some women, myself included, who choose not to weight themselves, belly beads can serve as an indicator of weight loss or gain by rolling lower if your lose weight or become tighter or higher on your waist if you gain weight. Personally, I feel that belly beads serve a dual purpose for women; sexual femininity and a gentle nudge when your body weight fluctuates. I made the decision to throw out our bathroom scale several years ago because it was a constant reminder of what society thought I should weigh. Since letting go of that scale, my self-esteem has has blossomed and allowed me to love myself unconditionally.

So now we know waistbeads provide several benefits, now where can you get them? Simply contact me and lets get your custom order made.

Depending on how you want to wear your waistbeads, you can measure yourself above the navel, just at your navel, or right above your hips. You shouldn't hold the tape loose or too snug. Think about where you want to wear your beads, underneath clothes around your navel or draped low at your bikini bottoms? Use a fabric measuring tape and measure against your bare skin without sucking in your stomach. Choose your sizing accordingly. If you want them adjustable, I can make an extension piece to match your waistbeads.

So yes, waistbeads are designed for many celebratory reasons and increase of femininity. I'm happy to see this trend gain more clarity as popularity seems to be growing. Thanks for reading.

With love and light,

Shana G.

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