Beginner's Lesson: Moon Phases & Fertility

Let's Be Real!

I have NEVER been the one to focus on any type of natural elements when I was growing up. One thing I knew was I really enjoyed the look of a full moon. I remember when I was a kid, the light would shine in my bedroom window just right to peek through the curtains and shine on me directly. It would wake me up and I would notice and it doze right back to sleep. Here recently I've been paying more attention to the moon phases as regarding to natural fertility and menses tracking.

((Say what!!! Hold the phone))

Yes, you heard me correct. I've recently learned how the phases of the moon can help women know when their cycles are coming and going. However it seems to be more accurate without the interference of hormonal contraceptions. We know how hard it is to track our cycles with birth control. However since I've decided to transition completely off of HBC in June 2018, I am noticing the changes my body is going through. ((both the pretty and not so pretty)).

Moon Phases & Your Fertility

You ever thought to yourself, "The crazies come out during a full moon"? Maybe this is largely in part of Michael Jackson's Thriller song (ya'll know that part in the beginning when the moon comes out and he phases into the werewolf. No? You can see the video here). Well I'm pretty sure no one will turn into a werewolf, but I am certain the moon has an effect on our physical and emotional wellbeing.

The moon has 2 phases each month, a full moon & a new moon. I've come to realize that some women begin their cycles around the time of one moon phase while becoming fertile around the other phase. There has been scientific research documented on moon phases and peak rates of conception & ovulation. This all sounds great to someone who knows what the means, but for those who are trying to wrap their heads around such concept just doesn't seem to understand.

The Breakdown

Remember the two phases of the moon, new vs full? There's two phases to pay attention to. From the New Moon to the Full Moon is the waxing phase. This is a time where we find ourselves with more energy, we're accomplishing more tasks and crushing goals, we're upbeat and outgoing and this is the time when we have most of our creativity juices flowing.

From the Full Moon to the New Moon is the waning phase. This is a time where we want to retreat inward to do self reflecting and letting go of things that no longer serve us. It's a great time to be unproductive and take time to recharge your battery.

Relating to Fertility

Similar to the waxing and waning phases, each cycle has their own phases. From the last day of your menses to ovulation is called the follicular phase. Energy in this phase is outgoing and upbeat. Typically filled with enthusiasm and new ideas. On a physical level, the egg grows and develops. Ovulation is explained as the release of the egg.

From Ovulation to the first day of you mensuration is called luteal phase. This is a time to reflect and look back upon what needs to be adjusted. Some women are most in tune with their inner knowing and what is not working in their lives.

The Great Understanding

Personally I have noticed how much my cycles coordinate with the moon phases. They typically occur around the times of moon phases, which is easier to understand why I feel emotionally unstable around a full moon. I highly recommend reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler. This book explains in depth the fertility awareness method in layman's terms. I also recommend the Fertility Awareness Charting Journal by Pen & Paper Fertility.

Now that I've explained a little about moon phases and fertility phases, I hope this was basic enough for you to start paying attention to your own cycles. If you want further help, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. I'm happy to help you and share my knowledge.

Until next time.


Shana G

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