Womb Support

What is Womb Healing

The term Yoni is Sanskrit for womb, vagina, or sacred space. Women are known to store emotional trauma and other stressors in their wombs which can result into feminine health issues. It's important to pay attention to your body and give it what it needs. 

Womb healing is the process of releasing stagnant energies and restoring your life center. Your womb can be connected to your sacral charka, the space between your belly button and your vagina. Our womb is what makes us divinely feminine. 

What is Womb Reiki

Our wombs are our feminine creative center of power and the reproductive organs of women are extremely responsive. Often times, problems arise due to emotions and feelings stored in our bodies. 

By coming to terms with the deep feelings that may have scarred our innermost beings, we can unleash our creative powers and awaken our fertility. Womb Reiki helps with emotional release, clears trauma, supports us in letting go of partners, and prepares us for new love. It also promotes healing of our sacral chakra center and clears and releases stagnant energies.  Doing this, we can flourish in our feminine power, fertility, joy, creativity, and abundance.

It is easy to practice womb reiki on yourself. All you need is a focused mind, a heart full of compassion, and your healing hands. This is a beautiful treatment to start or end the day.

1. Lye down comfortably
2. Bring your healing hands to the space beneath your navel
3. Take 3 calming breaths
4. Inhale & fill your hands with warm golden light
5. Exhale & pour this warm golden light into your womb
6. Continue for 3 cycles
7. Finish with an affirmation: I Trust my Womb. I Love My Womb.

Different Ways to Heal your Womb

It is believed women store trauma in their womb space. Here are a few ways you can cleanse your womb space

  • Womb Reiki (see above option)

  • ​Womb Meditation allows you to focus on specific womb affirmations during your time of mediation. 

  • Yoni Steams (Vaginal Steaming) is the process of using natural herbs to detox your womb space. The herbs are carried by the steam into the yoni which allows for toxins to be released. It's a spa treatment for your lady bits. 

  • Yoni Eggs are gemstones that are inserted into the yoni and are used to strengthen your pelvic floor (pc muscles) which can help with numerous of issues. Also, the specific gemstone used has energetic properties to help you align and balance your energy center.  Whether it be from pregnancy loss, disease, abortion or sexual abuse, yoni eggs work as little energy healers to help women spiritually cleanse their sacred inner space and heal their hearts. It's recommended to use a black obsidian yoni egg to literally absorb and cleanse womb trauma followed by a rose quartz yoni egg to infuse love and bliss into your heart chakra for a gentle and effective healing session.

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25 Womb Affirmations

​1. My womb is sacred, and so is my life.
2. My womb is precious, and so is my life.
3. My womb is divine, and so is my life.
4. My womb is love, and so is my life.
5. My womb is whole and so is my life.
6. My womb is free, and so is my life.
7. My womb is radiant, and so is my life.
8. My womb is light, and so is my life.
9. My womb is great, and so is my life.
10. My womb is celestial, and so is my life.
11. My womb is peace, and so is my life.
12. My womb is bliss, and so is my life.
13. My womb is bright, and so is my life.
14. My womb is natural, and so is my life.
15. My womb is liberated, and so is my life.
16. My womb is full of energy, and so is my life.
17. My womb is pure, and so is my life.
18. My womb is in tune, and so is my life.
19. My womb is all powerful, and so is my life.
20. My womb is the seat of my creativity, and so is my life.
21. My womb is full, and so is my life.
22. My womb is filled with prayer, and so is my life.
23. My womb is a dynamic force, and so is my life.
24. My womb is holy, and so is my life.
25. My womb is the gateway to heaven here on earth, and so is my life.