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Yoni Egg FAQs

How often should I use/wear my yoni egg?

Although doing the kegel exercises will enhance your experience with the yoni egg, one can reap the benefits by simply wearing it! The egg is working its’ magic regardless! We would recommend to start with about 2 hours 3 times a week. It is generally fine to wear it for up to 12 hours, but as always, trust your intuition. It is a good idea to take it out after 12 hours to clean it and let your yoni rest.

However, if you find that you have trouble holding the egg in as you walk around then you should start with just sitting with the egg a few times a week for 10 or 15 minutes (or whatever amount of time you have) and focus on squeezing the egg and seeing if you can feel it. Over time your strength will increase so that you can walk around with it.

Can I exercise with your yoni egg?

The pelvic floor muscles, unlike other muscles in the body have the ability to regenerate and repair themselves in a short period of time. You can achieve any level of dexterity at any age, limited only by your desire and dedication. If one of the reasons for obtaining the egg was to build stronger yoni muscles and to gain control over them, yoni egg exercises will help you in achieving your goals.
Many of us cannot feel our pelvic floor muscles at all. Some of us experience tension and tightness there, and some of us have such flaccid muscles that over-flexibility is a risk for damage. When practicing with the yoni egg you can begin to feel, tone, strengthen, and articulate your pelvic muscles. Yoni egg exercises should be approached slowly and with care. More advanced exercises can and should be practiced under the guidance of a pelvic specialist or yoni egg instructor.

Many women already experience excessive tightness of the pelvic floor which needs to be addressed prior to engaging in the yoni egg exercises that include squeezing and pulling of the pelvic floor. Every body is different and we suggest you to work with the pelvic specialist or yoni egg instructor who can recommend yoni egg exercises designed specifically for you.

Inserting your yoni egg

Just like with any exercise routine it is important to warm up. Start off with a gentle breast massage. You can use a silk scarf or a strip of fabric. Breast and nipple massages engage the endocrine system and stimulate the kidneys where sexual energy is stored. While you are doing it, tune into yourself and the feelings in your body. Move your attention to your inner thighs, then groin, perineum and vulva. When you feel ready and relaxed start making circles around the vaginal opening. Gently insert the egg when you find the right angle, larger end of the egg first. Do not push it all the way up to the cervix – all you need to do is give it a gentle push and then allow your muscles do the rest and pull it in. The best position for inserting an egg is standing in a horse stance or lying down.

Lubricant: You can use any lube of your choice if you wish. My absolute favorite one is organic extra virgin coconut oil as oppose to synthetic products. Coconut oil is soothing, and naturally has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. It is also relatively inexpensive and can be found at a supermarket.

Removing your yoni egg

The yoni egg may come out on its own during or after your practice, or when you get up in the morning after wearing it to bed. Whenever it comes out, just know that your yoni was ready to release it and rest.

If you want to release it voluntarily, you can squat or sit on the edge of a chair with your hand ready to catch the egg, and gently bear down with your pelvic muscles as if you were releasing a bowel movement. (Note that the egg might come out inadvertently when you do relieve your bladder or your bowels, so be prepared to catch it!)

If you are wearing a drilled egg with a string, you can gently tug on the string while doing this pushing. Do not push forcefully, but slowly and in rhythm with your breath, avoid creating any uncomfortable sensations.

What if it gets stuck?

First of all do not lose your cool! The egg can only travel so far and will not go past the cervix.

Relax, trust the process and use this as an opportunity to know your body and allow the crystal to do the healing work. It is a perfect time to meditate, listen to your thought and emotions, journal.

To help expel the egg add lubrication, like coconut oil or your lubricant of choice. Breathe deeply and relax. Squat or sit on the toilet, but be ready to catch the egg if you are not wearing the underwear the will hold it. You can help hook it with your clean finger. Be gentle, do not push hard and avoid creating any uncomfortable sensations.

Vaginal muscles tend to tense unconsciously from stress, so if you are relaxed it will help the egg to come out quickly. Keep in mind that it will not hurt you if the egg stays inside for 24 hours, some couples even safely use it during the intercourse to increase pleasure for both partners.

Keep practicing and soon you will learn to expel the egg by command!

If you do not feel comfortable with the undrilled egg and would like to be able to take it out by command, you might purchase the egg that has holes you can put a string through. Drilled eggs might be used without the string as well.

Never use the egg in the rectum – unlike vagina, it the egg may get stuck there and then you are in trouble.

Who should NOT use a yoni egg?

Women who are pregnant
Please use the guidance of your doctor or midwife

Women who have IUDs
It's conflicting information regarding this topic. Please trust your intuition.
I am personally conducting my own research in this area. I will update you with my conclusions soon.

Women who have any type of internal infection (cervical, uterine or ovarian inflammation), or a fever, are advised not to practice with a Yoni Egg until the symptoms have passed. Women also should not practice if open sores or blisters are present.
Please do not use a Yoni Egg if you have a Bladder, Vaginal, or Rectal Prolapse. Though it is not explicitly dangerous to your health, we do not recommend that you use the yoni egg during your menstrual time. Better to give your uterus space to release the monthly blood without adding any extra stimulus. If you have any preexisting health condition not mentioned here, especially one that affects your pelvic floor and organs, please seek advise of your medical practitioner before starting the Yoni Egg practice

Why yoni egg is scratched or cracked, can I still use it?

The internal cracks that you see in the rose quartz egg are normal to the material. If, however the egg start to chip, or peel, or external cracks (the cracks you can feel with your finger) start to emerge, then the stone’s integrity has been compromised (this is likely to happen if the crystal was dropped on a hard surface). In this case please stop using the egg immediately.