Help Selecting a Yoni Egg

A Yoni Egg is a very personal thing and I believe that every woman intuitively knows what is best for her. That being said, if it is your first introduction to Yoni Eggs you probably feel a little overwhelmed. Yoni egg practice helps us to get in touch with our inner guidance and build trusting relationship with our body.


If after reading this you are still unsure where to start, or you are buying a Yoni Egg as a gift for someone else in your life, we suggest two options:

  •  Ideally a set of 3 yoni eggs – Large, Medium and Small all in a variety set of 3 different crystals.

How to Choose your Yoni Egg

Yoni Eggs are more than just gemstones. They're sacred tools for feminine health and spirituality that have been used for thousands of years. They encourage us to pause and realign with our feminine energy. They motivate us to invest in self love and a healthy, peaceful lifestyle. They connect us to our most powerful and sacred place, our wombs.  Choosing by intention is a wonderful way to get started. It's important to choose a Yoni Egg your energetically drawn to. Things we are drawn to are important in our self love journey - whether it be a crystal, the beach or something special to you.

If your still unsure, we recommend starting with a Certified Jade Yoni Egg or Rose Quartz Yoni Egg. 


Things we are attracted to are important in our self-love journey. We can find peace on a beautiful beach, happiness on a nature walk and appreciation for beautiful art. Start by choosing a yoni egg you think is beautiful to you. 


Mother Earth blesses each and every gemstone with it's own unique energy source. Make sure the yoni egg(s) your choosing aligns with your intentions. Each yoni egg will benefit you in some way; see if you can find something that you connect with individually.


Colors are not only a delight for the eyes and soul, they have special vibes and healing properties. The wonderful thing about yoni eggs is their colors are all unique and totally natural. From Amethyst's vibrant purple to Red Jasper's deep, sexy reds. Choose a yoni egg whose colors vibe with you. 


The gift of intuition is one of our most sacred gifts we hold. I know you've all heard your mothers say "listen to your gut feeling, it never lies!" The same goes with choosing yoni eggs. Let your intuition lead the way. If you notice you keep going back to a certain yoni egg, that may be your gut speaking to you, or even the crystal! 

Size is Important

Yoni Eggs mainly come in 3 sizes: Large, Medium and Small.

Large is typically 35×50 mm, medium 30x43mm and small 25x35mm.  When using Yoni Egg most of the time we will start our practice with a larger egg and as our dexterity grows, we will go down in size. The larger the egg the easier it is for us to feel and for the muscles to grip it. Although the larger the egg the heavier it is, so it gets harder to keep it in for long periods of time. If you cannot keep the egg in at first, do not get discouraged, it is completely normal for beginners – start practicing while laying down or sitting up.

Stage One - Large Yoni Egg 

Start with a large yoni egg if you've given birth to one or more children, and/or need to strengthen your pelvic floor. Some women who have given birth can skip the large size and start with a medium if their pelvic floors are strong and don't need much strengthening. Our large size yoni egg is a great option for kegel work as it's heavier than our other sizes and gives the vaginal muscles more resistance and weight. 

Stage Two - Medium Yoni Egg

Start with a medium size yoni egg if your pelvic floor is strong and doesn't need exercise to strengthen or tighten. Our medium size is great for maintaining pelvic strength and health as well as spiritual work. 

Stage Three - Small Yoni Egg

Our small yoni egg is for advanced users wanting to challenge their yoni egg exercises. You can also combine a small yoni egg and medium yoni egg together to work with two different energies at the same time. 

Good Rule of Thumb

Most practitioners can start with the medium size egg. It does not matter if you are a tall woman or petite – most likely medium size egg is what you need. If after a month of practicing with the medium egg you still feel like a larger egg might be better for you, then you might choose to purchase a larger one. Come back to your medium size yoni egg in 2 weeks or when you feel comfortable with the larger egg.
If you had a baby or went through menopause, or are simply not sure what size to start with, you might prefer a set of 3 different size eggs. With a set you can start with a large egg and gradually work your way down in size, or use different sizes on different days.

Important – Do not practice with a Yoni Egg if you are pregnant or right after childbirth.  A Yoni egg can be a wonderful practice to start postpartum, just make sure to consult your doula, midwife or doctor before you start. 

Small eggs are not for petite women, they are recommended for advanced practitioners who desire to experiment with different sizes of the egg, and sometimes small eggs are being used in pairs. The smaller the egg the more muscle dexterity is required to feel and to hold it inside.

The small egg is also a good choice for you if you already experience excessive tightness in your pelvic floor. In that case, yoni egg practice can help you, but it needs to be approached with caution. We recommend getting in touch with a pelvic care specialist or yoni egg instructor who will help create a practice designed specifically for you that addresses excessive tension in the pelvic floor. Any exercises that involve squeezing and puling in are a no-no for you at first, the focus needs to be on relaxing.

Drilled vs Undrilled

Drilled Yoni Eggs have a small hole drilled through the narrow end. You may chose to put a string through it which allows for easy retrieval of the egg. Some yoni egg exercises are performed with a string. It's recommend using unwaxed dental floss to string the egg. Drilled eggs can be used without a string as well.

Undrilled eggs are a little easier to clean. With the Undrilled egg you may not have an option to extract the egg as easily as you would with a string, but there is beauty in this too! The crystal will stay inside of you for as long as it needs to and will come out when it’s healing work is done. We encourage you to let go into trusting your body, trusting your intuition and trusting the process when practicing with the yoni egg. These gems are not  just kegel weights – they can assist you on your path of spiritual transformation. Letting go is one of the hardest things to do for some of us, but is as difficult as it is important and rewarding. Don’t worry, it won’t get “lost”! There is no harm in wearing it for 24 hours or longer, and you can even have intercourse while it is inside of you.

Having difficulty deciding drilled vs undrilled? Tune into yourself for a moment and imagine how would you feel using drilled egg and undrilled egg, which one are you most comfortable with?  There is no right or wrong choice to make.

Important: Never buy a crystal at a crystal shop that is not specifically sold as a Yoni Egg. During the manufacturing process for most crystals on the market harsh chemicals, dyes and artificial fillers are used.